I’m very busy these days with the organizing Jazz-a-Delic. I do styling of the hostesses of this event, press accreditation and communication and it’s only two weeks to the event so there’s lots of work to do. In the third photo you can see that I’m busy with the styling. I’m so happy that we have found a very good stylist and he will design dresses in the theme ‘Gold Rush’ for the event!
The second photo is of me trying on a asymmetrical skirt at Zara, but I didn’t loved it as much as when the skirt was on the hanger😉 So I didn’t bought it. The first photo I’ve made in Goes, a city in Walcheren, Zeeland. I had one week vacation last week and that really is luxury when you’re doing an internship! So that’s why I went shopping with my mum and another time with my dad. As you can see the weather was lovely and it was a nice day. The last picture is from a drawing I made for a bride who married last weekend in Italy. She had to do here own make-up so I gave her some advice. I have done a one year training for make-up artist but I don’t really use it which is a shame. So I’ve your looking for a cool make-up for a party, photoshoot or bride. Just call me!😉

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